Sisterhood is at the heart of the union between members of Gamma Phi Beta, as it is an organization that was founded to promote friendship among female students who share common values and ideas. Delta Theta is no exception, as we encourage our members to learn and grow in the spirit of sisterhood. 

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 Here at the Delta Theta chapter we have a variety of sisterhood bonding retreats and events. We've had everything from sisterhood trivia night at the chapter house, to movie nights, rollerskating, a fun-filled day at Disneyland and everything in between! We do a different sisterhood retreat at the beginning of each quarter to help reconnect our members as well as help our sisters forge new relationships. Our sisters are always going to fun and exciting places together such as concerts, to the beach, camping, and more. Every time Gamma Phis get together, new hilarious memories are always being made. 

We have many traditions that are unique to our chapter. For our new members, we have a Heart Sister program, Big/Little Week, Firesides, and Inspiration Week. Each year our seniors enjoy a senior trip, a senior goodbye week, and senior send-off. Our entire house participates in cherished traditions such as wills, candle passing, Bid Night and much more!

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One of the most exciting moments is when two sisters find an especially strong bond. This is the lifelong bond between a Big and Little sister. When you meet your big sister, you are welcomed into a "family" of other sisters. You are able to establish a family full of love, labor, learning, and loyalty.  Big sisters give advice, a helping hand, and support in tough times. They are a mentor, best friend and a support system as strong as the rock we were founded upon. Little sisters bring memories, lots of laughs, and love beyond compare. This is a bond that is irreplaceable and stays alive after college is over.

Big/Little Week is a special time for the women of Gamma Phi Beta. In addition to each big sister spoiling her little sister with gift baskets throughout the week, Big/Little Week is a time for the entire sorority to bond. Stories are passed down, traditions are shared, relationships are formed, and each new member gets a mentor that will be there for her to help guide her collegiate experience. Every member of our chapter is involved throughout the process, and often times, alumnae come back as well to meet the new additions to their Gamma Phi Beta families!