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Hey there, I’m so excited to welcome you to the Delta Theta chapter of Gamma Phi Beta. My name is Olivia Nelson and it is my great privilege to serve as Chapter President for 2019.

Over the years, I’ve had several family members become part of the Cal Poly Greek community. When I decided to make the move to San Luis Obispo, they encouraged me (in their loving, pushy way) to check out Greek Life. So, I signed myself up for recruitment— little did I know the crazy, amazing adventure I had just gotten myself into. Once I arrived at Gamma Phi Beta during recruitment my freshman year, I knew it was the place I would call home. And the rest is history!

In Gamma Phi, I’ve found the most hilarious, impressive and loving ladies that I am so proud to call my sisters and best friends. It is an absolute honor to share my letters with 230 of the best women I know.  The love and respect that we share, and of course, the fun that we have together, has defined my college experience. Our passion for philanthropy, strong sisterhood, and incredibly fun social events are just a few pieces of our incredible bond. It’s hard to explain just how grateful I am for this sisterhood.

The Cal Poly Greek community brought me 230 amazing sisters, and introduced me to almost 4,000 individuals in other Greek organizations. Greek Life is an invitation to a family that is passionate about accomplishing things bigger than themselves. I hope you’ll be part of this crazy crew, too.

I’m so happy to share just a bit about what Gamma Phi, and Greek Life, means to me. I can’t wait to show you the one-of-a-kind bond shared in Gamma Phi Beta and the many wonderful ladies that make it so special!

Love, in IIKE,

Olivia Nelson